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Have You Been to Indonesia?

What do we know about Indonesia?

Indonesia is famous for its culture, its rich history, its coffee (Sumatra and Luwak) and its beautiful islands. We also know that Indonesia has the Southeast Asia's biggest economy and its population is more than 240 million. If you have been to Indonesia, you must have been amazed by Indonesian people as they are so welcoming and so kind all the time. You must have seen a lot of things and have learnt a lot about Indonesian people's lives. 

But one thing that you might not know

Education in Indonesia is compulsory for 12 years. The enrolment rate is 94% for primary education (2011), 75% for secondary education, and 27% for tertiary education according to OECD/Asian Development Bank (2015), Education in Indonesia

"There is a much more compelling need for Indonesia to spend on strengthening its tertiary education capacity and enlarging participation..." (OECD).

Why do we have this low enrolment ratio in higher education?

While state institutions' tuition fees are more affordable than private-institutions tuition, students still need to have other jobs next to their studies to finance their lives outside the university. And if they have modest backgrounds, they might have no chance for higher education nor for normal living standard...Can you imagine how their future would look like? What we might have in Europe, they do not have there.

Therefore we can find such great solutions like Pangkep Initiative

Pangkep Initiative is a non-profit organization for youth development through non formal education based in Pangkep region, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was established in January 2015 by a group of local youth from the region. With a focus on nurturing the potential of local children and youth and providing opportunity to access information to a better education, Pangkep Initiative enables children, youth, and adults to be confident and empowered.

We can definitely help them

Please imagine your life without higher education! Would you have the same job what you have now? In Indonesia to earn a living is even more difficult. This is why we decided to support Pangkep Initiative and soon we will publish real life stories of children in need agreed with Rahmat HM, Founder, Pangkep Initiative!

YES! We will help children in need in Indonesia too through CoGoodwill and I hope you will get involved in helping Indonesian children fulfill their potential!

Fingers crossed! 

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