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She Can't See Her Mother's Smile

Today, Pamilerin can now see with both eyes and presently attending a school to catch up on all the lost years. This was after she had a cornea transplant championed by

HOPE Ambassadors Nigeria, co-sponsored by CoGoodwill and supported by friends and family. Thanks to Get in The Ring Budapest on 24th November 2016 organised by Enterprise Hungary, Pamilerin Olabode's eye operation was supported by 200.000 HUF, which equals 257.609,09 NGN in Nigeria.

About the story

The life of Baby Elizabeth Pamilerin Olabode is a sordid story of twists and turns on a bumpy ride through a dark alley. Born 6 years ago, the joy of her birth soon turned into a nightmare of anxiety and confusion when the baby girl was discovered to be paraplegic, blind, deaf and dumb. Her name 'Pamilerin' which literally means 'my source of joy and laughter'.

The further comprehensive assessment led to the case of bilateral congenital glaucoma which was diagnosed in July 2012. Cataract surgery is necessary to open closed angles. Unfortunately, Starcoms Ltd ceased its operations and can't support her medical treatment anymore. Also, Pamilerin's dad died when she was 7 months old. Mrs Abimbola Olabode, the mother of Pamilerin, worked for the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) but had to leave her job 4 years ago as the burden of widowhood and coping with a special child became overwhelming and unbearable, difficult and almost hopeless. She used her welfare benefits to cover the two remedial surgeries for her daughter's sight. She is sure that the girl's problem will be relieved and she will be less dependent on others when she has a vision.

The surgical interventions were carried out successfully in September 2013 but the 'cornea opacity' still persisted. Further surgery is recommended: 'cornea transplant' on both eyes to achieve the full restoration of her sight. To obtain a better perspective on the issue, Hope Ambassadors phoned and also visited Pamilerin's eye consultant, Dr Mildred Ulaikere of The Eye Foundation, Issac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. The total cost of the third surgery is estimated at circa GBP 6,000. Now one of her eyes is operated and she is recovering. Please see the photos!

Therefore we would like you to support the operation of her other eye!

We know that the cost is high as the 'cornea' has to be ordered from abroad. Due to Mrs Olabode's present financial circumstances, she had to delay this surgery as she can't afford the high cost. Now, this cry for help requires our support! The cornea transplant would not only fully restore Pamilerin's sight but will bring a huge improvement on her and a great relief to the long-suffering mother. Pamilerin would be able to do what children her age do and start school while her mum can find a job to ensure her daughter's future.

We highly appreciate any kind of support from good-hearted people, socially responsible companies or organisations to end the family's suffering and give the little girl a better opportunity in life with her eyesight.


Her story was recommended by Hope Ambassadors in Nigeria. Hope Ambassadors & Child Care Organisation is a faith-based, non-profit, non-government and charity organisation with a calling to bring hope to the needy and poor people. They provide succour and care for the needs of the poor specifically orphans, less privileged and physically handicapped children.

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