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Dear World, My Dream Has Come True

I want you to know: I really believe in what I am doing. I will make this world a better place! I have had no idea till now how much I will love what I am doing but now I know my dream has come true! I feel happy, I feel loved, I feel grateful because from now on I can help people in a very special way.

I would like to introduce CoGoodwill where you can read real life stories of people in need recommended by foundations, organisations, charity services, and decide how you want to support them. Moreover, you will see what happens to them after your contribution!

Now we have 5 life stories online, thanks to our first partner in Hungary. They are pleased to share their stories and let you into their lives! They are ready to ask for help, please be ready to help them!

Any Help is Welcome

If you have a nice comment, please share it: it doesn't cost you anything, but surely makes you feel better and not only you! If you know someone who might help too, please feel free to let him know how he can help!

CoGoodwill is not about you and I, Community Goodwill is about us! Let us start the journey!

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