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Agnes Cirjak's Family

238.40 GBP has been transferred to Agnes Cirjak's family after our fundraising campaign. They are very grateful for the help they received. They have sent us a picture to say thanks:

We would like to say thanks as well because without help we couldn't support her family.

Huge thanks...

We are very happy to say that many donors decided to help Agnes' family. Special thanks for your support: Istvan Csurka, Zsolt Ott, Laszlo Kruchio, Linda Sallai, E B, Katalin Arato, Tamas Farkas, Daniel Beri, Hungarotickets GmbH, Botond Nador, Szabina Tar, Tamas Udvari, Marta Simon, Z&Z Biztonsagtechnika Kft.

About the story

Ágnes, her husband and their children live in one of the underdeveloped areas in Hungary. They live in humble circumstances, nevertheless, they are a very happy family. Unfortunately, it is a very burden for the parents to secure the daily necessities of the children and clothe them properly in all weather. Medical aids are also part of the everyday expenses of the family. The mother is currently at home taking care of her sick daughter. The father works in a factory manufacturing plastic wrapping 4 hours a day. All together they need to manage all their expenses from 163.000 HUF / 562 USD from which 50.000 HUF / 173 USD is allocated for the credit and the monthly overheads. The names of the kids are György, Noémi, Márk, Kitti, Kíra és Kimberli.

György is the oldest of them, a 19-year-old good-tempered guy who already works. He is a carpenter but was not able to find a job therefore he is currently working in the same factory as his father.

Although he is very young he is not interested in going out with his friends. He consciously collects his money in order to fulfil his dream: buy his own car.

Noémi is 16 years old, still in high school, studying to become a pastry cook. After finishing school she would like to work as a pastry cook. Like all teenagers, she also loves surfing on the internet, listening to music or watching TV.

She receives a scholarship which she can spend on clothes and shoes for winter.

Márk is in the 5th year of primary school, he is an excellent student! He is fanatic about football: he never leaves the ball behind – not even in the house. His dream is to become a football player.

Kitti also attends the 5th year of school. She has difficulties with History and Maths so she needs to attend extra classes which are provided by the Buddhist Mission. Classes are held locally in which besides Kitti several other kids take part. She loves riding her bike. As soon as school is over, she jumps on her bike and rides it all afternoon.

Kimberli is 6 years old, started school in September. She already decided to become a policewoman when she grows up so that she can take care of her sister, Kíra. Like all kids, Kimberli also loves fairy tales and listening to music.

Kíra was born prematurely. She also started school in September. Studying is not the greatest problem for the 7-year-old girl, she needs to face bigger challenges in life. Due to cerebral palsy as a baby, muscles on her left leg are still very stiff; which cause her disorder in her movements. In order to assist and guide her movements, Kíra would need to wear ankle-foot orthosis 24/7. Of course, she would need to wear them all the time. But to avoid being ridiculed by the kids at school, she wears the ‘leg holder’ only in the evenings at home. Since her legs are very weak, she cannot walk on them, she walks only on her tiptoes therefore her special medical shoes wear out quite soon. A pair of special medical shoes cost 20.000 HUF / 69 USD which the parents need to buy twice a year.

Kíra attends a group therapy twice a weak and a private one once a week where her stiff muscles are being massaged and treated according to the Peto method. The treatment costs 135.000 HUF / 465 USD every half a year.

In spite of these challenges, Kíra is a very active kid, she loves drawing and playing with puzzles. They do not know how to secure wood for the next cold season. Their washing machine is very very old, consumes a lot of energy. A new automatic washing machine would be of great help for the mother. They would appreciate all kind of support!

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